I am an artist based in West Wales near Talybont where I live with my two children.  I grew up on a farm near Aberaeron and have a degree in Fine Art from Staffordshire University. I have been making collages using ink, painted paper, pastel ink coloured pencils for about 18 years and have had various exhibitions, both group and solo in London, Cardiff, BristoI and Aberystwyth.

 I have always been strongly influenced by colour and a sense of place, either real or from dreams and imagination and I love simple childlike line drawing. I am greatly inspired by my surroundings, the countryside, travels abroad and my children's drawings and I feel that my work often has a whimsical quality to it.  

I have always loved making work on paper by using collage, cutting and sticking combined with ink and coloured pencil.  This year I have focused onsilkscreen printing onto both paper and fabric. I make my silk screened images by designing a collaged image first which is then transferred onto screen using photo emulsion.

The textile products I am currently making are  make up bags and wash bags, small purses and glasses cases and book covers. I have also made some fabric pictures and some silkscreen work on paper with collage and had some cards printed of my work. After many years spent many years making work on paper the relatively recent discovery of sewing combined with printing has thrown up many new exciting possibilities, direction and dreams for me as a maker.