Using Welsh roofing slates and working to my own unique designs, I create clocks, vases, pendants and candleholders. 

It is a lengthy transformation process to cut, shape and polish the slate, but it results in a wonderfully smooth and tactile finish.

I find my inspiration in the landscape and animals here in rural Wales.  I live by the sea and spend my time in the mountains where I run art workshops at Art at Pengwernydd. I enjoy exploring different media, using whatever works best with my subject.

The Shed by the Stream

In a shed, by a stream, in a little bit of west Wales in the outskirts of Aberystwyth I create cheerful and quirky little pieces of art using ceramic, driftwood, beach treasure, scavenged wire and repurposed fabric.

Marbling   Drawing from both European and Japanese marbling traditions, I make traditional and contemporary designs on paper and silk. Marbled silk scarves, unusual paper jewellery and framed images.  A new range of ‘art’ coasters, make a small piece of  original marbling very affordable.

Love vibrant happy colours & paint with energy to create a feeling of movement even when painting a still life or portrait. Using mostly acrylics I paint a variety of subjects from sea & landscapes to animals and portraits of famous people.