Aberystwyth based artist Ag Cain worked for many years as a freelance artist in the film and TV industry.

“My paintings are an affectionate modern-retro take on the advertising of yesteryear, when the claims and promises made by advertisers reigned supreme and unchallenged over such trivial matters as accuracy, reality, or political correctness... not to mention Health and Safety!”

Using Welsh roofing slates and working to my own unique designs, I create clocks, vases, pendants and candleholders. 

It is a lengthy transformation process to cut, shape and polish the slate, but it results in a wonderfully smooth and tactile finish.

I am very fortunate to live in beautiful West Wales, right at the point where Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion & Pembrokeshire meet.
It really is a photographer's paradise. In fact, it's paradise full stop! The pleasure I get from photographing the wonderful scenes and events close to where I live, is immense, and something of which I never tire.

I find my inspiration in the landscape and animals here in rural Wales.  I live by the sea and spend my time in the mountains where I run art workshops at Art at Pengwernydd. I enjoy exploring different media, using whatever works best with my subject.

In 1993 a brain haemorrhage left my right-side paralysed. I’ve learned to use my ‘wrong hand’ & specialise in landscapes/seascapes.

Featured in "Artists & Illustrators" (Feb.1998), I’ve had work in Welsh Artist of the Year, Cardiff (2013), Kyffin Williams Drawing Competition, Llangefni (2015), & regularly in Open Exhibition of Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy (prize winner 2012)

I like the sort of art that tells a story. Indeed, we have always told stories through our paintings and my work belongs to this folk art tradition. I find the naive style and vibrant colour of Asian art most inspiring and a passion for textiles informs my perspective of the landscapes in which my tales are set. The watercolour and ink paintings I produce usually depict scenes of stunning West Wales focussing on local history such as the Victorian circus travelling from Aberystwyth to Tregaron or Welsh myths and legends like the Devils Bridge saga. I enjoy portraying the superficially incongruent, for example elephants in Aberystwyth, whilst also paying particular attention to the native flora and fauna.

The Shed by the Stream

In a shed, by a stream, in a little bit of west Wales in the outskirts of Aberystwyth I create cheerful and quirky little pieces of art using ceramic, driftwood, beach treasure, scavenged wire and repurposed fabric.

Jeremy Moore specialises in the Welsh landscape and wildlife. His most recent book was "Wales at Waters Edge" (with Jon Gower) published in May 2012. The National Library of Wales has a large number of his prints in its Collection. His most recent major exhibition was "Bird/land", which showed at Aberystwyth Arts Centre during summer 2016.

Marbling   Drawing from both European and Japanese marbling traditions, I make traditional and contemporary designs on paper and silk. Marbled silk scarves, unusual paper jewellery and framed images.  A new range of ‘art’ coasters, make a small piece of  original marbling very affordable.

I create my colourful glass from a studio near Newcastle Emlyn. Layers of glass, paint, pattern, texture and print make up each kiln-fused glass landscape, be it a panel or a piece of jewellery. 

I am surrounded by endless inspiration – treelines, big skies, rolling hills, whirling birds and scudding clouds.

My paintings are lighthearted and colourful and derive from memory and experience. These I chop, change and rearrange but always strive to preserve what I consider to be the essence of Welsh seaside towns and countryside.

Jamie & Dodie Herschel have been potting for over 48 years as far afield as Cornwall and the Languedoc. Their  work is inspired by skilled craftsmen of the past. In this age of mass production and machines, their work has a unique character that only the potter's hands can create. 

Love vibrant happy colours & paint with energy to create a feeling of movement even when painting a still life or portrait. Using mostly acrylics I paint a variety of subjects from sea & landscapes to animals and portraits of famous people.

Inside each prime number resides a unique language with its own geometric geometric alphabet and rules of syntax. Use the language with an "idea" to get a pictorial narrative. I render these narratives to a variety of mediums including textiles, ceramics, prints, video and high definition audio.

I am an artist based in West Wales near Talybont where I live with my two children.  I grew up on a farm near Aberaeron and have a degree in Fine Art from Staffordshire University. I have been making collages using ink, painted paper, pastel ink coloured pencils for about 18 years and have had various exhibitions, both group and solo in London, Cardiff, BristoI and Aberystwyth.